See what 10 articles and blogs were read the most during March 2021:

1. Worker dies in accident at Alabama Koch Foods plant

Officials are investigating the death of a worker at a Koch Foods poultry plant in Montgomery, Alabama.

2. Cal-Maine Foods on cage-free conversion, pasture-raised hens

Approximately 26% of the U.S. hen population is currently housed in a cage-free facility.

3. Hickman’s loses two barns, 165,000 hens in fire

Hickman’s Family Farms lost about 165,000 hens and two barns in a fire that occurred on the afternoon of March 6.

4. Executives of the top 5 US egg producers

Learn what industry members are responsible for 126.92 million layers in the United States.

5. Recap: US egg industry barn fires

Barn fires continue to be a problem for the U.S. egg laying industry. Seven fires were reported in the egg industry by WATTPoultry since January 3, 2020. 


6. Tyson Ventures invests in wearable startup Iterate Labs

Iterate Labs, which specializes in wearable digital technology for the poultry industry, has raised more than $1 million in seed funding.

7. Pulsed light technology could improve layer welfare

Pulsed alternating wavelength light technology can increase layer productivity and welfare, leading to improvements in temperament, feed conversion and livability, as well as increased case weights.

8. 5 must-haves for a successful poultry biosecurity program

All poultry operations should have a biosecurity program in place, but those programs must meet certain criteria in order for them to be successful.

9. In ovo chick sexing solutions making slow progress

There are several new technologies in development that could sex male chicks before they are hatched, but there is still a ways to go before commercially viable solutions are available.

10. Fried chicken skins offer new use for processing byproduct

Fried chicken skins made by consumer-packaged goods company Chick N’ Skin repurpose a part of the bird normally discarded during processing into a low-carb snack for consumers.