Weeden Environments has recently been granted another patent that provides additional protection on their Weeden Sprinkler System and method of cooling and promoting physical activity of poultry.


The Trademark Office (USPTO) granted patent #US 10,866,598 on December 15, 2020, further strengthening their Weeden Sprinkler System patent portfolio and giving exclusive rights in the US. 


The Weeden Sprinkler Systems all natural concept is designed to cool poultry by surface wetting using warm gentle rain drops, lowering systemic and intracellular stress levels, while wind chill and evaporative cooling is created by moving air across the birds and cooling them as the water droplets on their heads and backs evaporate between each sprinkling (“artificial perspiration”). The sprinklers promote activity and exercise by getting the birds up to eat and drink while providing unmatched dust control when necessary. This technology provides the benefit of drastically reducing mortality and maximizing feed intake during times of heat stress, while not increasing humidity levels like high pressure foggers and cool cells. It can also create a cyclical drinking pattern felt to aid in feed conversion.  



The Weeden Sprinkler Systems concept is proven in Research Studies at several institutions to reduce cooling water usage by well over 50% when combined with cools cells or when replacing fogging/misting systems. 


“This new patent is exciting as we now have additional protection for our system and method of cooling and promoting physical activity of poultry,” says Kevin Weeden, President of Weeden Environments. “This additional patent will help ensure all users of the Weeden Sprinkler System will benefit from the years spent perfecting our concept”.