Q-Biotic™ 1DP Improving your FCR can help counteract rising feed costs

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Q-Biotic™ 1DP is a new direct fed microbial product offering from QTI. It consists of a proprietary Bacillus subtilis strain, and developed to enhance the integrity of the digestive tract of farm animals. There is strong evidence that broiler chickens can benefit from adding Q-Biotic™ 1DP to their diets. Let’s take a look at the evidence, and later, at the economic advantages of utilizing Q-Biotic™ 1DP as a feed additive.

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Precision nutrition: What will it really look like?

There remains a lot of uncertainty around precision nutrition in the poultry industry but what is certain is that producers who ignore it risk falling badly behind

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Natural products for improved production performance, ROI and food safety

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This new proprietary portfolio of Bacillus sp.-based animal health products is proven through independent research to be more effective.

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Antibiotic resistance - 25 Global Actions for 2025

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Announced to coincide with European Antibiotic Awareness day, veterinary medicines industry reveals a raft of investment and commitments to help confront ongoing issue.

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Research Presentation: Combining Probiotics and Prebiotics

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QTI's Dr. Miloud Araba presents research findings as a 2021 IPPE TechTalk. "Opportunities for Combining Probiotics & Prebiotics to Improve Performance & Reduce Incidence of Foodborne Pathogens in Poultry."

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Q-Biotic™ series of natural DFM products

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Native QualityTech new product

QTI introduces its new proprietary Q-Biotic™ series of of natural DFM products designed for helping producers of conventional, antibiotic free and organic poultry and livestock improve production performance and food safety.

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