Food trends evolved quickly in 2020 as consumers searched online for new ways to purchase, prepare and eat chicken at home. 

“We went from a banana bread craze to a hot dog craze to an ‘I bought this random piece of meat, how do I cook it’ or ‘they only had chicken with bones in it left and I’ve never done it before,’” Leah Beyer, senior advisor, digital communications, global corporate communications, Elanco Animal Health, said. 

“How can we, as the poultry industry, use this kind of insight in taking our products to the market shelves?” 

Beyer will discuss how the online conversations about food changed during the pandemic and how our online messaging should change as consumers are vaccinated, entertainment venues and restaurants fully reopen, and the pandemic subsides at the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit.

Make plans to attend the 2021 edition of Chicken Marketing Summit scheduled for July 18-20, 2021 at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Registration is now open with early savings available.

Focus on the 90%, not the 10% 

It’s tempting to focus marketing efforts toward the ‘squeaky wheels,’ especially as claims like antibiotic-free and organic gain in popularity. However, 90% of consumers are more concerned with making a purchase that is convenient to their lifestyles.

“People think less about how that chicken was raised or what it consumed and are more worried about how hard it is going to be to make it,” Beyer said. “At the end of the day, people just want food that’s going to taste good, easy to make and that can be experienced with family.”


For inspiration, look to social media

There’s a reason food videos went viral on TikTok during the pandemic. Videos uploaded to the platform are 60 seconds or less.

“If a recipe can be made on a TikTok video, that means it’s easy enough for anyone to make,” said Beyer. “A lot of food bloggers sometimes have really complex recipes. They’re delicious, but no one has that much energy or desire to cook. Where’s the six-ingredient chicken recipe?”

Attend the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit

The 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit will be held at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Fernandina Beach, Florida on July 18-20. This year, the conference will shine a light on what consumers will be looking for in the post-pandemic world and how poultry marketers can find success in the marketplace.

For more information and to attend, visit:

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