This month the industry moves in to a period of relatively acceptable returns, compensating for the down months earlier this year. This reality together with the moderate price of corn and an improving economy bodes well for the remainder of 2009.

This edition carries the interactive question which was held over from September due to limitations of space. It is hoped that you will respond with your suggestions and ideas. Next month Egg Industry will carry a summary of responses and an additional question.

The welfare situation in Michigan has played itself to a conclusion unfavorable to producers in that state. It is hoped that reason will prevail in Ohio and that legislative initiatives passed by other states to establish Boards to regulate livestock welfare will restrain the intentions of activist groups intent on imposing a vegan agenda on the U.S. population in the guise of promoting “welfare.”

Our colleagues in the turkey industry will hopefully enjoy a successful Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Family get-togethers and seasonal events will stimulate egg consumption for baking and hors d’oeuvres. 

As we move on to winter we should be more vigilant to prevent introduction of diseases which have greater impact in colder weather. Attention to biosecurity, vaccination and ventilation will be beneficial.

Egg Industry encourages your feedback and suggestions relating to articles and comments especially over ongoing issues.