Alltech recently continued its dedicated support of the Midwest Poultry Consortium (MPC) and its core program - the Center of Excellence Scholarship/Internship Program (COE) - with a $5,000 contribution.

“The Midwest Poultry Consortium is extremely grateful for the support Alltech has shown to the COE,” said Beth Nelson, President of the Midwest Poultry Consortium. “The COE continues to be an invaluable asset to the poultry industry and the commitment Alltech and many other MPC member companies make in support of the COE demonstrates a strong belief in our overall mission. 

For 2021, the COE, which provides scholarships to students to earn up to 18 credits over the course of two summers which earns them an emphasis in poultry science, awarded 31 scholarships to students representing 12 of our member states. Additionally, a student coordinator from the Consortium works closely with each undergraduate to coordinate and arrange internship opportunities with member companies to give students “hands-on” experience working in the poultry industry and an opportunity for full-time employment upon their graduation.


“We continue to devote ourselves to revitalizing poultry science educational opportunities for students in order to maintain a well-qualified pool of graduates who are eager to work in the poultry industry upon their graduation,” Nelson concluded. “Without the support from organizations like Alltech, this work would not be possible.”