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The Gumboro control in pullets includes both protection and prevention. Therefore the objective of Gumboro disease vaccination must be to ensure continuous protection against infection with IBD virus, prevent the build-up of higher virus pressure cycle after cycle, and reduce the risk of IBD virus mutation towards a more virulent strain.   These aspects are crucial when drawing a vaccination program or selecting a vaccine. A fundamental principle of Gumboro vaccination is that the vaccine strain must reach the BF,  replicates and colonizes it as quickly as possible.  

The main properties of a successful pullet vaccination control Gumboro are:  


  • The vaccine must ensure continuous protection of the pullets against infection at the farm;
  • Reducing the amount of virus shed to the environment after challenge: 'Reduction of shedding of the field IBD virus.
  • Avoiding the "elevator effect," or reaching a higher virus concentration cycle after cycle,
  • Stopping the evolution of the IBD virus towards a form that could escape the prevention program

 Protection: Protecting against clinical signs of disease;



Therefore, bursa colonization by the Gumboro vaccine strain is the backbone of a quality IBD vaccination.

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