According to the Associated Food & Petroleum Dealers (AFPD), a traditional Thanksgiving meal is still affordable, although the cost has slightly increased compared to last year.

Consumers can still prepare a reasonably priced traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year, but it's going to cost them a little more than last year. AFPD lists the average price to purchase and prepare the ingredients for a traditional turkey dinner for 10 people is $41.14 ($4.11 per person), up from $39.70 for 10 or $3.97 per person in 2008.

The cost is based on a standard turkey dinner and includes all the traditional trimmings: stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, green salad, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, rolls, and pumpkin pie. Beverages were excluded.

"We have surveyed retailers since 1994 and found that prices kept relatively consistent until 2005, when transportation costs began to inflate food prices," says Jane Shallal, AFPD President and CEO. However, she adds that, "even with increasing energy and transportation prices, retailers are still keeping costs to consumers as low as possible."

The survey prices reflect the average cost of items that can be purchased at supermarkets in the Metro Detroit area the week prior to Thanksgiving. Shallal says that many of the items on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu are on sale during this time. Actual prices vary from store to store.