Cherkizovo Group plans to reopen its Altaisky Broiler facility in October, after a fire heavily damaged it in July.

Debris cleanup at the site, located in Biysk, concluded in early August, and presently, the affected facilities are being restored. The main shop is being roofed, and preparations are underway for the construction of a packaging depot.

During the time the plant has been offline, Cherkizovo has been replacing the lost volumes by bringing in products from its facilities in central Russia.

The reconstruction of Altaisky Broiler is part of Cherkizovo’s previously announced plans to expand poultry production in the region. In accordance with an agreement signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the company is going to invest RUB2.6 billion in the development of a poultry cluster in the Altai Territory. Altaisky Broiler’s annual capacity is currently around 70,000 metric tons of live weight per year. The company plans to ramp up production to reach 116,000 metric tons by the middle of 2023.


In addition, Cherkizovo is continuing to build growout sites in the Zonalny District of the Altai Territory.

The expansion of the Altaisky Broiler operations will create more than 200 new jobs. Currently, about 1,700 people are employed by the  company in the Altai Territory.

Altaisky Broiler, a leading player in the Siberian poultry market, was founded in 2007 and acquired by Cherkizovo Group in 2018. The facility produces a wide range of chicken products under the Petelinka and Altaisky Broiler brands. It accounts for 8.5% of Cherkizovo’s chicken meat output and about 5% of the company’s revenue.

Cherkizovo Group is Russia’s largest broiler producer. According to the Poultry International Top Companies survey, it slaughtered 318.8 million broilers during the past year. The company is also involved in the turkey industry, through a joint venture with Grupo Fuertes of Spain. The turkey business is known as Tambov Turkey.