New multiplication/breeding partnership agreements with four Chinese pig breeders to produce Danish genetics in China have been announced by Danbred International of Denmark.

The first shipment of about 400 pigs will be made by the end of 2009 to begin establishing two herds of 1,000 sows, for companies JiaHe in Hunan province and XinHaoJi in Inner Mongolia.

The brothers behind these companies plan to set up at least 10 units each of 1,000 sows over the next five years, together capable of 70,000 parent-stock F1 gilts annually. Two shipments of 800 pigs are planned for March 2010 by Danbred International for the establishment of 4,000 sows in multiplication for newly-formed company Jiangxi Zobo that aims to supply one million pigs per year to the market in southern China.

A further importation of 650 pigs will be to start a multiplying project for the largest integrated Chinese pork processor, Yurun Food Group, that has the eventual target size of 11,000 sows. Land has been purchased by Yurun for the first 650-sow site.

"We have been working for some years to find the right partners in China to produce our Danish genetics," says Henrik Boholm, area manager in Asia for Danbred International. "We now have agreements with four major breeding companies and more will follow."