The UK’s leading manufacturer of automatic chicken coop doors, manufactured in Cambridge, opened its doors to a brand-new office on Gibraltar last month.

Following ongoing success internationally, especially with the immense rise in chicken keeping across the world spurred on by lockdowns, ChickenGuard identified a need for stronger, more accessible offering for international customers. With hundreds of thousands of units, on coops all over the world, ChickenGuard expanded their team in 2021 to compliment their international growth with a global presence. 

The new International Sales office in Gibraltar will support ChickenGuard’s HQ with sales and customer services for countries outside the UK. As an international business destination where most European languages are spoken, Gibraltar is the perfect location for this expansion. The new multi-lingual team will operate in working hours that will facilitate sales for those in time zones that would typically be outside of the working hours of the UK office. The move will ensure that ChickenGuard partners, stockists, and customers have access when they need it.


Ben Braithwaite, founder and inventor of ChickenGuard was there to launch the office, and comments: “We’re very excited to build an extension of ChickenGuard HQ on The Rock! Excellent customer service – be that to a business partner, stockist or an end user – is the number one priority for ChickenGuard. We have built our business on international sales and excellent service and, as we continue to grow at an exceptional rate across the world, we knew that we needed a plan to support our loyal customers. Out of the 60+ countries where ChickenGuard units have been sold, we realised a good majority of them required access and service that went above and beyond the working hours of the UK. We are delighted to say this new office in Gibraltar and our multi-lingual sales team give us the opportunity to provide excellent service to all customers in all countries.”

The office was officially opened by Gibraltar’s Governor in May. To find out about the range of products available, visit the ChickenGuard website for more information: