Cobb Asia recently released a series of technical videos, “Cobb Pro Series,” to bring more technical expertise to Cobb customers and industry practitioners. The videos are available in the resources section of the Cobb website and on Cobb social media channels. 


Cobb Asia



Dr. Youngho Hong, director of technical services at Cobb Asia added, “We have a wealth of knowledge within our technical team at Cobb Asia. Producing video content is a natural way for us to share our knowledge with the industry. As our products evolve to be more efficient in terms of production and conversion, we want to make sure our customers are up to date with the latest information on management practices.” 


The “Cobb Pro Series” is available on the Cobb website at The videos are being translated to Chinese, Indonesian Bahasa, Korean, and Thai to support Cobb’s customers countries across Asia. Cobb will add more videos in the coming months, so customers should continue to watch.