Perdue Farms, through its Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, has awarded a $30,000 grant to Moveable Feast to help purchase a new delivery vehicle for its Home Delivered Meals program on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The donation is part of Perdue’s “Delivering Hope To Our Neighbors” hunger relief initiative.

“This vehicle will be used to deliver healthy meals, fresh produce, staple bags of shelf-stable groceries, nutritional supplements, and hope to our clients who would otherwise be unable to access, afford or prepare appropriate food for themselves,” said Sue Elias, executive director of Moveable Feast.

Baltimore-based Moveable Feast delivers healthy meals with nutrition counseling, at no cost, to improve the lives of those at the intersection of critical illness and food insecurity. 

“We know that when a client is food insecure and has a nutrition-sensitive illness, avoidable health costs are inevitable,” Elias said. “Our services get people the right food at the right time, delivered right to their door.”

Moveable Feast’s service area includes Baltimore, the five surrounding counties, and all of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


“Our staff dietitians also provide medical nutritional therapy to clients to ensure that they are receiving food that best addresses their unique medical needs,” Elias said. “In 2020, we proudly provided 63,088 meals to 147 clients living on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and provided 72 nutritional therapy sessions. A reliable delivery vehicle for the Eastern Shore will allow us to continue to service our clients on the Eastern Shore and expand our reach to help more people in need.” 

With a new delivery vehicle, Moveable Feast expects to serve about 500,000 meals to 1,200 clients in Maryland this year.

“Perdue Farms is very happy to support Moveable Feast’s Home Delivered Meals program and the purchase of a new delivery vehicle,” said Kim Nechay, executive director of the Perdue Foundation. “Their efforts of lessening the challenges their clients face, like removing the financial burden of buying healthy food or the anxiety surrounding the process of food preparation, will surely produce positive results for the individual’s overall health.”