The company’s annual Carrier Awards went virtual the previous year due to COVID-19 concerns, and this year’s scaled back event reflected continued caution with attendees limited to Wayne Farms’ logistics team and the company’s carrier partners. This year’s awards ceremony was held at The Legacy Lodge on Lake Lanier, with awards recognizing superior logistics and transportation services going to four companies and two individuals.

Outstanding Service (Individual)

·       Trapper Brissey, P&E Trucking

·       Tammy Bush, Wayne Farms Customer Logistics Manger

Outstanding Service Award

·       Penske Logistics


Broker of the Year

·       Syfan Logistics 

Carrier of the Year

·       Brannon Golden Trucking

Craig Watkins, Wayne Farms Director of Logistics, presented the awards, noting how critical logistics is to the company’s success. “Once the product leaves Wayne Farms, our business is in their hands. We depend on our logistics and carrier partners to fulfill our commitment to customers—tracking, managing and ensuring on-time delivery of our products,” said Watkins. “During the COVID pandemic, volumes were up for restaurant and foodservice businesses this past year and that has been especially challenging—last minute orders, extra loads, order changes. Solid logistics and our carrier’s dedication were the keys to meeting those challenges.”