Hy-Line International, the global leader in poultry layer genetics, launched a new online management guide system on hyline.com to bolster its efforts to serve Hy-Line customers. The new system’s user-friendly application is simple to access and download important documents such as management guides, technical updates, and supplemental digital content. 

Hy-Line’s initiative to provide valuable resources in the most efficient and accessible manner directly relates to the profitability of our customers,” said Gustavo Wassermann, Commercial Director. “The updated platform is more visual, practical, and detailed to provide valuable answers and guidance to the management of Hy-Line varieties in order to achieve the highest genetic potential.”

The new format of online guide system contains Hy-Line’s resourceful content and information for each variety with more flexibility and accessibility features. Users can still print the complete management guide documents. The system now allows users an advanced search of key words or phrases, that direct you to the specific pages or topics that are needed. In addition, more digital resources are available such as how-to videos and customer testimonials within each section.  

“The management guides bring a wealth of information based on R&D, flock performance and technical experts’ tips and advice to show and direct Hy-Line flock management to excellence,” said Wassermann. 


Technical Updates will also be displayed in the new online management guide system. This provides a faster distribution of important updates to our customers with the capabilities to view and print as needed. 

Hy-Line Brown variety management guides are the first versions available with the new system in English, Spanish and Russian. Users can expect our other five varieties to be launched in several languages soon. 

Founded in 1936 by Henry A. Wallace, Hy-Line was the first poultry breeding company to apply the principles of hybridization to commercial layer breeding. Today, Hy-Line International continues to be a pioneer as the first company with its own in-house molecular genetics team leading the industry in application of DNA-based technology to its breeding and genetics program. Hy-Line produces and sells both brown and white egg stock to more than 120 countries worldwide and is the largest selling layer in the American egg industry and around the world.