Drexel Sales has been named Customer Service Manager for Chore-Time, according to Tina Streit, vice president and general manager of the CTB, Inc. business unit. In his new position, Sales will guide all functions of Chore-Time’s customer service department. He will assume these responsibilities in addition to those of his existing position of operations manager, in which he oversees production facilities in Milford, Indiana, and Decatur, Alabama. The combined roles will help create synergies within the shipping, operations and customer service teams.

Sales joined CTB as production manager in 2020 after working for 20 years in various leadership positions within the manufacturing industry. His past customer service experience also helped lead to his selection as customer service manager.


Sales is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in business administration with Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. He is a native of Electra, Texas, and currently resides in Warsaw, Indiana.