Cherkizovo Group, Russia's largest meat producer, has become a partner of National Pony Competitions. The company considers it vital to support initiatives promoting sports and healthy lifestyles.

The National Pony Competitions ran at the Izmailovo Equestrian Sports Club in Moscow for the third time. The tournament featured pony competitions in Olympic equestrian sports (show jumping, dressage and eventing) and hobbyhorsing, a Finnish sport (riding stick horses and performing equestrian moves). The event brought together athletes of all ages from three years and up, as well as coaches and experts in all pony sports from across Russia. Most guests were families with children who were invited to participate in a dedicated Pony World sports festival, various games and contests. 

Cherkizovo Group was a partner of the festival, offering sausage tasting to the participants and guests. “Cherkizovo Group is always looking for ways to promote sports and healthy lifestyle. That is why it has been a great pleasure to support such a big and exciting event that promotes equestrian sports and quality family time,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, head of communications at Cherkizovo Group.


Cherkizovo Group has supported many racing events across its footprint. The company is also a sponsor of youth and professional sports teams in a range of disciplines.