USALCO, a leading producer of high-quality water treatment and industrial chemicals, announces that it has acquired the water treatment business of ALTIVIA. USALCO is a leading provider of high-quality specialty chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment and other industrial applications in the United States. 

ALTIVIA’s water treatment business is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for municipal water and wastewater treatment and for industrial applications. With a 30-year history of high-quality products and outstanding customer service, the company operates a premiere manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, focused on the production of ferric sulfate, ferrous sulfate and specialty coagulant blends.

“ALTIVIA’s water treatment business is a terrific complement to USALCO,” said Ken Gayer, CEO of USALCO. “This acquisition broadens our coagulant product offering into iron salts and strengthens our geographic coverage in the Texas region.” 


J. Michael Jusbasche, CEO of ALTIVIA, said the transaction benefits both companies. “As ALTIVIA has become more focused in petrochemicals and specialty chemicals, we are very pleased to transition ownership of our water treatment business to USALCO,” he commented. “The transaction is a highly favorable outcome for our employees and customers and we believe this business will thrive as a part of USALCO.”

“We are excited to continue USALCO’s strategic geographic and product line expansion plans by adding ALTIVIA’s water treatment business,” said Keval Patel, managing director at H.I.G. “Ken and the USALCO leadership team are making great progress in building the leading specialty water treatment chemicals manufacturer in North America.”

ALTIVIA Water Treatment is the second acquisition USALCO has completed since H.I.G. Capital acquired the business in June 2020.