Petelinka, a key poultry brand from Russia’s Cherkizovo Group, celebrated its 20th anniversary by making the world’s largest chicken barbecue dish during a major culinary event attended by journalists and bloggers. Apart from enjoying the dish, the guests also learned why Petelinka uses “only the best chicken” and got other insights into the brand history.

Over its 20 years in existence, Petelinka has become the most popular and best-selling brand of poultry products in Russia with a branded market share of 17.3 %, according to a press release from Cherkizovo. It is also the sales leader in the chilled poultry category in Moscow (47.4 %) and the Moscow Region. This means that almost every second pack of chilled chicken meat bought by Muscovites is a Petelinka product. In St. Petersburg, the brand also ranks first in terms of sales volumes (39.3 %).

Every year, Petelinka enjoys stronger demand evidenced by its sales. Over the past five years alone it has more than doubled. 


“We seek to keep up Petelinka's positive sales dynamics by maintaining our leadership in the key markets of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as expanding our presence in the large cities of Central Russia and Novosibirsk,” commented Oleg Zakov, director at Cherkizovo Trade House.

The anniversary celebration is a perfect opportunity for another landmark to be achieved, so Petelinka made a world record attempt for the largest chicken BBQ of 200 kg. The attempt was successful as verified by Vlad Kopylov, CEO at Interrecord, an international agency for registering records.

The record was set in Moscow and witnessed by the media and bloggers. To prepare the giant BBQ, a team of ten grill experts led by chef Vadim Korolev used more than 300 kg of chicken breast fillets and various spices. The guests were invited to enjoy the exciting cooking process and try the dish when it was ready.