A ground-based autonomous robotic system is programmed to interact with chickens, allowing it to safely navigate the house environment without harming the chickens. 

During the second webinar in the Poultry Tech Webinar Series on November 4, 2021, Wayne Daley, Ph.D., Georgia Tech Research Institute will discuss how the robot can actively sense and characterize bird status as it moves through the house. 

Custom algorithms enable the robot to search the floor areas of breeder and aviary houses for floor eggs and dead birds. This robot is an intelligent system equipped with a suite of sensors including environmental sensors, 2D and 3D cameras and a small robotic arm.

The webinar will also highlight:

Artificial intelligence to gamify poultry labor performance

Low workforce availability in the poultry processing industry continues to be a result of high turnover, absenteeism, improper or inadequate training and injuries. 

Jason Guss, Ph.D., CEO of Iterate Labs, will highlight how artificial intelligence can collect essential performance (productivity, safety, quality) metrics on each worker to be used to incentivize workers, maintain work-life quality for retention, and better manage productivity in real-time.

In a study, the platform technology was able to prove a substantial ROI focused on improved worker turnover rates by 35%, daily absenteeism by 14% and a reduction in hand/wrist musculoskeletal injuries 22%. Plant management was able to leverage real-time productivity data to reduce cycle time rates by as high as 15%, and overall production line capacity by 8%. 


Robotic automation for case ready pre-priced poultry

The e-commerce culture in combination with mass urbanization trends is leading to smaller orders being placed more frequently. Thomas Swovick, market development manager, Dematic, will discuss how the future for case-ready poultry weigh-price-label (WPL) operations will rely on automation and robotics to do it better, faster and cheaper.   

This session will provide a brief overview of a solution currently being implemented in Italy that slashes labor requirements, vastly improves inventory management and supports future requirements such as a migration on e-commerce. 

What’s coming next

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