Atria Group reported an increase in net sales in all geographies where it operates during the third quarter of fiscal year 2021, the company reported.

Sales in Finland

For the period ending on September 30, the Finland-based meat and poultry company achieved net sales of EUR274.6 million (US$319 million) in its home country, up from the EUR266.1 million recorded during the third quarter of 2020.

That sales growth, the company stated, is mainly due to increased sales to foodservice customers and strong sales during the summer barbecue season.

Sales in Sweden

In Sweden, the company achieved sales of EUR94.3 million for the quarter, up from the EUR90.8 million reported one year ago.

That 2.9% increase was partly due to increased sales to the foodservice sector and of Sibylla products. Sales of poultry products at the retail level, while sales of cold cuts and sausages declined at retail.

Denmark and Estonia

For the third quarter, in Estonia and Denmark, Atria’s net sales rose from EUR26.9 million to EUR 27.3 million. Atria's sales in Estonian retail increased and its total market share strengthened to approximately 17 per cent. In Denmark, sales to foodservice and export customers went well with the lifting of coronavirus restrictions. Sales to retail are returning to pre-coronavirus levels. 


Executive commentary

The comparisons of the third quarter of 2021 net sales are even strong when compared to the third quarter of 2020, when Atria still had operations in Russia. It sold its Pit-Product subsidiary to Cherkizovo Group in late April.

“The year-on-year growth is approximately EUR30 million. The development is good, as the net-sales reducing effect of the sale of Russian industrial operations has been offset and we have even been able to increase net sales,” said Atria CEO Juha Gröhn.

“Sales growth to foodservice and fast-food customers has increased due to the easing of coronavirus restrictions, but we are not yet at the 2019 sales level. In retail, our position remains unchanged. We did well in the summer barbecue season. Export trade to China developed well in the first six months, but levelled off during the summer as pork prices fell sharply in China. A rapid strengthening of the Chinese market in the coming months is not likely.”

Progress on new plant

Atria announced one year ago that it is building a new poultry plant in Nurmo, Finland. Gröhn reported that the development was “going according to plan.”

The contractors have been selected and foundation work is currently being done for the new factory building," said Gröhn.