Given that the UK’s pig industry has been declining over the last 10 years and at a time when companies are contracting and consolidating, why has SCA Nutec , part of the Provimi Group, based in North Yorkshire UK just invested £2million in new plant and equipment.
Yoram Knoop is SCA Nutec’s general manager for northwest Europe and he emphasized the company’s unrivaled size and its global footprint, with total sales of euro 2,154 million in 2008, up 12.3% on 2007 and with profits up 23% over the same time scale.

Focus on emerging economies 
“Our focus is on the emerging economies in Eastern Europe, Brazil, India and China,” says Knoop. Provimi NW Europe has rationalized production sites and is making significant investment in larger hub sites such as Dalton and Rotterdam, with Dalton focusing on Southeast Asia.

The investment at Dalton will help SCA regain its leading share of the UK market, Knoop says, currently held by Primary Diets. On the supplements front, Frank Wright is SCA’s biggest competitor.

Equipment of facility 
The new facility incorporates state-of-the-art equipment with the following key features:
*Two gravity mixing lines designed to minimize cross contamination;
*Two high-speed stainless steel mixers with liquid injection facilities;
*Two high-speed packing machines incorporating automatic bag placement;
*Fully automated operation with full process control, bar coded raw materials addition and batch traceability;
*Enhanced cross- contamination control both at the product scheduling phase and at real-time during production; and
*Equipment to produce a full range of pack sizes from 5 – 25kg bags through to 100kg tote sacks, plus 1ton bags as well.

Plant’s key features 
Key features of the speciality “tote” plant are:
*Cross – contamination free for highly sensitive pet and equine products;
*Dedicated tumble mixers;
*Dedicated hand –tip stations;
*Dedicated “easy-clean” packing stations; and
*Dedicated processing area and staff.

The facility will have full traceability:
*All raw materials are bar-coded on receipt at the factory and tracked through all the work stations
*All process bins are bar-coded and tracked to dedicated packing stations


Koop explains the plant’s key benefits:
*It is designed to be highly flexible with the scope to produce meals, premixes and minerals within a single facility but using dedicated mixing and packing lines.

The new facility will be able to produce 20,000 tons of product per annum on a single shift operation. 15,000 tons will be pre-mixes and minerals, with the remaining 5,000 tons being protein concentrates.