Poultry producers could use 3D camera technology to measure the shape and volume of broilers, recording high precision weight estimates to monitor bird health and welfare.

Currently, it can be difficult to obtain accurate broiler weights in a poultry house, Peter Ahrendt, Ph.D., CEO, Animoni ApS, said November 2 during the first webinar in the Poultry Tech Webinar Series.

As an example, he cited a watch. If a watch is half an hour ahead or behind, it doesn’t tell time very accurately, which can make you constantly late. Obtaining the accurate weight of birds within a flock can pose similar challenges. If estimates aren’t precise, the data is wrong.

“We have a new tool for accurate, real time weighing that can be used for most estimates and provide daily management for the farmer,” Ahrendt explained.

Non-invasive remote sensing system

The 3D camera technology can weigh all birds within its field of view. Because the system can capture data from both light and heavy birds, it can generate a more accurate estimate of flock average and uniformity than other approaches.

Weight predictions, abnormality alerts and daily gain curves can be generated from this data, helping producers gain information about flock health and welfare. The non-invasive remote sensing system can serve as an “extra eye” for broiler producers, with additional capabilities, like activity monitoring, added with a simple software upgrade.

It features an internal infrared (IR) light source, so it can record even in dark or minimal lighting.

Each 3D camera can capture the weights of up to 1,000 individual birds, depending on the height and angle of the camera. In larger houses, additional cameras may be necessary.


“In commercial broiler farms, we would normally use three or four cameras,” said Ahrendt.

The 3D camera technology is still in the development and validation stage, with an expected launch in six to nine months. Animoni ApS is looking for partners for integrated solutions and commercialization.

What’s coming next

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