Move over chicken dance, and make way for the hottest new dance craze. Jennie-O Turkey Store will give dance aficionados and holiday revelers a way to wow the Internet this holiday season with the Jennie-O Turkey Dance Challenge. The beloved turkey company teamed up with World of Dance, the world's largest dance entertainment community that inspired the hit NBC show, to create a Thanksgiving-themed, high-energy original song and dance the whole family can groove to, whether they're celebrating in-person or virtually. 

The Jennie-O Turkey Dance, launching on TikTok, was developed by celebrity choreographer, Phil Wright. With more than 3 million social media followers and 210 million YouTube views, Phil also is executive producer and host of Disney’s Fam Jam. Original music for the dance was created by World of Dance Records and can be found here.

Jennie-O challenges everybody to show off their dance moves on TikTok or Instagram using the hashtag #DoTheJennieOTurkeyDance. A tutorial for the dance is also available on Phil Wright's TikTok account, so it's easy for anyone to learn it at home. Like sharing a special meal, dancing is a perfect way for family members of all ages to connect and create memories set to music.

"The Turkey Dance celebrates the delicious center of every holiday table–the Jennie-O turkey," said Nicole Behne, vice president of marketing at Jennie-O. "Whether you're with your loved ones physically or virtually this year, doing The Jennie-O Turkey Dance is a special way for family members of all ages to create memories and enjoy their time together." 

"When World of Dance and Jennie-O approached me about choreographing a TikTok sensation that could become as iconic as the Chicken Dance, I immediately told them I was all in," said Wright. "To me, the holidays are a magical time filled with food and family. I hope this Turkey Dance gives people another way to create memories this holiday season while having a lot of fun." 

To inspire would-be turkey dancers, Jennie-O has tapped several celebrity dance couples to help spread the word on Instagram and TikTok: 


Enola Bedard
Instagram: enola.bedard
TikTok: @enola.bedard

The Williams Fam
Instagram: thewilliamsfam
TikTok: @thewilliamsfam_

B-Dash & Miranda
Dash Instagram: bdash_2
Dash TikTok: @bdash_2
Miranda Instagram: itsmirandaderrick
Miranda TikTok: @itsmirandaderrick

Charlize Glass and Sage
Charlize Glass Instagram: charlizeglass
Charlize Glass TikTok:
Sage Instagram: sagerosen
Sage TikTok: @sagerosen

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