The American Feed Industry Association has issued an advisory on the potential for significant mycotoxin contamination of corn harvested during the recent inclement fall weather.

Assays have detected fumonisins, aflatoxins and deoxynivalenol (DON, vomitoxin) in samples of corn frequently exceeding FDA guidance levels.

Deoxynivalenol :

  • 10ppm DON for chickens and ruminating cattle assuming 50% inclusion in diets
  • 5ppm DON for swine with an upper limit of 20% inclusion [1ppm in diet]
  • 5ppm DON for all other livestock provided contaminated ingredients do not exceed 40% inclusion [2ppm in diet]


  • Ruminants of over 3 months of age, 60ppm with 50% inclusion [30ppm in diet]
  • Immature poultry, 100ppm with 50% inclusion [50ppm in diet]
  • Dairy herds and mature poultry, 30ppm with 50% inclusion [15ppm in diet]


  • 200ppb in corn intended for growing swine, 100 lbs or greater
  • 100ppb in corn intended for breeding beef cattle, breeder swine or mature poultry
  • 20ppb in corn for immature animals

It is emphasized that obtaining a representative sample from bulk shipments including barges, rail cars and trailers is difficult due to hot spots and stratification.