Cherkizovo Group, Russia's largest meat producer, has picked up five gold medals at the Quality Guarantee 2021 international competition. Three of these medals were awarded to Petelinka, a brand that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. 

Cherkizovo Group took part in the Quality Guarantee international competition staged by Gorbatov’s All-Russian Meat Research Institute and sponsored by the Federation Council of the Russian Federal Assembly and the Ministry of Agriculture. 

A panel of the nation's leading experts was set up to examine and select the best offerings in 29 food categories, including the Best Poultry Product and the Best Meat Product. 

Gold medals for product quality were awarded to Petelinka chicken hips with four pepper blend, Petelinka barbecue wings (drumettes), Petelinka breast and thigh fillet cutlets and Pava-Pava turkey breast fillet strips. Another product honoured with a gold medal was Cherkizovo-branded chef’s special marinated forequarter hock. On top of that, the Company received quality accolades for Petelinka cevapcici, Petelinka chicken breast steaks and Pava-Pava turkey breast steaks. 


“We are happy to see that Cherkizovo Group’s meat products were highly commended by the jury and won awards one more time, which is a testament to their outstanding quality and taste. What is remarkable is that three out of five medals were taken by the Petelinka brand–as if to mark its 20th anniversary and reiterate that it is a benchmark for quality poultry products,” said Anastasia Mikhailova, head of communications at Cherkizovo Group. 

It is not the first time the company has taken part in the Quality Guarantee competition. From 2018 through to 2020, its products have won a total of 16 golds. 

The competition was set up to raise general awareness about food industry achievements, identify the best manufacturers and products, provide an unbiased assessment of product quality and safety and contribute to better consumption culture. Its supervisory board consists of professionals from the leading industry-specific research centers and experts from a variety of national associations. In 2021, the event brought together around 130 food manufacturers, processing businesses, farms, restaurants and retail chains.