Tremendous strides have been made in measuring and controlling the environment of the poultry house that interacts with the exterior of the bird. But what about the environment inside the digestive tract of the bird? 

Whole genome sequencing is providing insights regarding a healthy versus and unhealthy microbiome. On December 2, 2021, Alexandra Smith, Ph.D., manager of microbial ecology and genetics, Arm and Hammer, will preview what the future of gut microbiome control could be during the seventh webinar in the Poultry Tech Webinar Series.

The webinar will also highlight:

Digitalization in poultry production

In poultry production, digitalization is seen as the next big thing. 

Kalyn Walker, North American business development manager, precision livestock farming, Evonik, will discuss how data-based project management, non-invasive health monitoring, and analytics can optimize feed composition and manufacturing for poultry performance and health. 

What impact will CRISPR have on the poultry industry?

CRISPR techniques are being used to gene edit animals, plants and microorganisms and they are being used experimentally in human medicine. 

The possibilities for use of CRISPR are significant, but the regulatory landscape for application of CRISPR is complex and rapidly evolving and consumer acceptance of its use in food producing animals presents another potential hurdle. 


Mark Fife, Ph.D., head of biotechnology, Aviagen will present about the possibilities and hurdles facing CRISPR and other genomic techniques for poultry. 

What’s coming next

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During the webinar series, industry experts will preview what’s coming next – from prospective solutions to developing technology – for the poultry industry. 

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