The Dramm Corporation is pleased to announce that Jared Babik has been promoted from Northeastern US technical representative to national project sales manager. In this new role, Jared will focus on project sales for our complete water integration services. Working directly with growers and alongside our distribution partners, Jared will advise growers on best management practices for water management and irrigation while helping them to design complete systems.

Dramm works with growers, taking a holistic approach to water management, to provide entire system solutions that incorporate everything from source to plant stem. We take responsibility for the engineering, component supply and project management. This approach allows Dramm to manage the entire process and provide the customer with one responsible vendor to ensure systems are integrated completely and operate properly.


Jared has excelled at working with our customers throughout his ten years at the company. During his tenure he has built strong customer relationships and worked with our distribution partners to provide solutions to our clients. This new role reflects his abilities to work with growers and share his years of experience.

The Dramm Corporation has produced quality products and solutions for growers for over 75 years. Founded in 1941 with the invention of the 400AL WaterbreakerTM, the Dramm Corporation continues to innovate to help its customers flourish. The tradition of innovation and service continues as Dramm now offers complete irrigation and water management design.