“Eggs have seen the greatest growth in protein consumption in the world. Eggs nourish and support millions of people every year,” commented Suresh Chitturi, vice chairman and managing director for Srinivasa Farms and chairman of the International Egg Commission, during his presentation on the nutritional value of eggs. He spoke at the Poultry Market Intelligence Forum held at the 2022 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE).

Chitturi remarked that the egg industry has moved into recovery mode after production reductions during 2021. He proceeded to discuss egg production challenges, which include feed costs, labor, animal welfare, the environment and avian influenza. He also stressed the importance of unified efforts across the world to educate well-intentioned government officials at all levels about the importance of animal protein in diets, particularly for children.

During his presentation on “A Bird’s Eye View of the Global Marketplace for Poultry & Eggs,” Greg Tyler, COO for the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC), discussed USAPEEC’s role in the export industry, which is to protect existing markets, open and develop more markets and serve as the industry’s voice on trade and policy issues. Tyler said that for 2021, the total export value is expected to increase by more than 20% from 2020, with the top U.S. broiler export markets being Mexico, China and Cuba. U.S. turkey exports for 2021 are expected to be down by 4% in volume and up by 13% in value from 2020. Egg exports, including table eggs and egg products in shell egg equivalent, are expected to increase by 17% in volume for 2021. Among the top duck markets for 2021 are Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica.


Christian Richter, principal with The Policy Group, provided a Washington update. He touched on the Biden administration, Supreme Court, the various U.S. agencies and the mid-term elections. Richter stated, “I do not have a crystal ball to know what will happen in Washington. The regulatory pendulum will keep on moving.”