Robin Horel, Ricardo Santin and Jim Sumner have been reelected as president, vice-president and treasurer of the International Poultry Council’s executive committee. 

Their nominations took place during the latest executive committee meeting in Atlanta, GA, a hybrid meeting with several members in attendance and other members joining remotely. 

The executive committee asked Canada rep Robin Horel to stay on as president for another year, recognizing his dedication to IPC and his ability to steer the organization through the uncertainty and difficulty of the last two years. 


“I am honored and grateful for the Executive Committee’s trust and support” says Horel, “and I am delighted to have Ricardo Santin returning as vice-president and Jim Sumner as treasurer. 

“This hybrid meeting was extremely productive. Even though we could not all be present in person, those who were genuinely enjoyed reconnecting and meeting new members. Those of us who joined remotely felt part of a dynamic group of dedicated people who are ready for this new year of IPC activities. 

“The impact of the pandemic is far from over but I strongly believe we have the right cards in hand to deal with current and upcoming challenges. Above all, I believe the global poultry industry has the resilience needed to keep going and keep delivering healthy and nutritious food across the world.”