MTech Systems, a Munters company within business area FoodTech, has signed a contract to fully deliver its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to one of the world’s largest food producers. This is a recognition of FoodTech’s strategy with a clear direction to connect the entire food production value chain with innovative software and precision farming technology.

In line with the strategy, FoodTech digital solutions aims to accelerate growth in IoT- and SaaS solutions by leveraging the strong market position and capabilities in software development. MTech Systems has agreed to a comprehensive partnership agreement to fully deliver its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to one of the world’s largest food producers. The software and consulting effort will result in a consolidation and standardization of customer’s food production complexes in the US, representing the single largest deployment of the highly-specialized MTech software in over 30 years of business.

MTech Systems recently completed conversion of several of the customer’s production facilities to the Protein SaaS solution, resulting in the commitment to adopt the software as the standard system across its US food complexes. Protein is an advanced information management tool that consolidates the numerous supply-chain operations, from farms to food production facilities.


“This partnership, with a global food industry leader, brings strong potential for innovation and growth toward our common goals of sustainably and responsibly feeding the world with high quality food products.“ says Marcel Cohen, president of MTech Systems

“I am excited for this contract to deliver our SaaS solution to one of the largest food producers in the world,” says Pia Brantgärde Linder, GVP & president FoodTech, “This is a recognition of our digital solutions developed over many years, and in line with our long term strategy of contributing to feeding the world in a sustainable way. The contract is an important step in our strategy execution and shows that we have a leading offering in the fast growing segment of software solutions to monitor, control and optimize the whole food chain.”