The new international initiative launched by the International Egg Commission (IEC) involves a 10-year plan that aims to accelerate global average egg consumption to 365 eggs per person, per year. 

Anpario is excited to be an early supporter of the campaign, which will focus on telling the egg industry’s story and build the reputation of the egg based on scientific fact and position eggs as an essential food for health.

“When IEC asked Anpario to support its Vision 365 initiative, it didn’t hesitate in saying yes”, explained Andrew Jackson, group commercial director of Anpario. “Not only does consuming an average of an egg per day support human health, which is a benefit for everyone, the campaign will directly support industry growth and Anpario’s customers.”

“Egg production is such a diverse industry, not just consisting of large commercial farms, but also family businesses and small holdings. We should recognize the social and economic benefits its businesses bring to the local communities in which they operate,” said Jackson.


The egg provides an affordable, nutritious food source with a low environmental impact, and Vision 365 holds a massive amount of potential and hopes to double global egg consumption by 2032. Achieving this will create an additional 2 million jobs, as well as helping to provide essential nutrients for a growing population.

“By supporting Vision 365, we are supporting every one of Anpario’s customers involved in the egg industry. Our range of innovative, natural feed additives provides a perfect partnership for producers of the most sustainable form of animal protein, the egg”, concluded Andrew.

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