U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and agriculture specialists, in a single enforcement action, seized over 120 pounds of prohibited fresh pork and poultry meat at the Laredo Port of Entry on the Mexican border.

“This significant prohibited meat seizure exemplifies the importance of CBP’s agriculture mission in preventing the spread of potential animal diseases that could risk public safety and inflict harm on our nation’s agricultural economy,” said Port Director Alberto Flores, Laredo Port of Entry.


The interception occurred on Tuesday, March 15, when a white minivan arrived at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge and the driver was referred for a secondary examination. A negative declaration for fruits, meats, vegetables, plants or any prohibited ag product was received. During the examination, CBP officers and agriculture specialists discovered packages containing a total of 117 pounds of fresh pork and nearly seven pounds of fresh poultry hidden within the vehicle. Agriculture specialists issued the driver a $1,000 penalty for attempting to import and failing to declare the prohibited agriculture products. 

CBP recommends that people who wish to import plant materials, animal materials and other agricultural items consult the CBP Information Center section on the CBP website before they travel, or call +1.877.227.5511. Travelers should also declare all items acquired abroad to CBP officers to avoid civil or criminal penalties and reduce the risk of introducing pests and disease to the United States.