The KFC slogan – “It’s finger lickin’ good” – was ranked as the most recognizable quick-serve restaurant (QSR) “sonic logo,” according to a survey from audio research and analytics platform Veritonic.

“As the consumption of audio continues to burgeon, what a brand sounds like is becoming as important as what it looks like,” Veritonic CEO & co-founder Scott Simonelli wrote in the company’s 2022 U.S. Audio Logo Index report.

 “Audio branding is just one of many kinds of audio that are being utilized to increase reach and brand awareness in today’s multi-faceted media landscape.”

 A sonic logo is the audible version of a visual logo, shrinking the brand’s identity into a sequence of notes that consumers learn to associate with a brand’s purpose and values. The survey asked panelists to rate companies on the creative resonance, recall, association and effectiveness of the sonic logos of various brands.

The number one-ranked brand across all industries was Folgers coffee and “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup,” revealed the feedback from 2,864 panelists. At number five, KFC was joined by three other QSR’s in the top ten, Little Caesar’s (#6), Red Robin (#9) and Arby’s (#10).

Does your brand have an effective sonic logo?

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