Facing strong consumer demand coupled with supply chain shortages, innovation is needed in chicken marketing and sales.

“We all know demand has been extremely strong. It’s a matter of looking at how we can adapt to what the demands of the consumer are and how can we influence the consumer to have the demand picture better fit the supply chain today,” Sarah Havala, director, protein commodities, Cleveland Research, explained.

Havala will share thoughts on the retail, foodservice, and supply chain trends that will have the most impact in the future and the opportunities these will create for chicken marketers  at the 2022 edition of Chicken Marketing Summit.

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Shifting promotions to what’s available

Over the past two years, supply chain shortages challenged the entire chicken supply chain at a time when consumer demand for these products continued to grow. From drive through lines to empty store shelves, product shortages have frustrated consumers.

“We can’t necessarily come up with a new product. If the product isn’t there, it isn’t there. It’s a matter of finding the solutions,” Havala said.

“I think the best thing that chicken marketers can do is not be afraid of being the first mover on a new item that is more available in the supply chain or being more agile and creative on promotions in order to make sure that demands better fit what product is going to be available.”


For example, brands can consider promoting chicken breast meat over wings or dark over white meat, depending on what is available.

“There are ways that they can leverage what’s happening on the demand side of the equation with the economic picture as a whole and with supply chain trends to be innovative, reach their customers and get the products that they need,” added Havala.

“It’s really important that we allow consumers and chicken buyers to guide our decisions all the way up the supply chain.”

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The 2022 Chicken Marketing Summit will be held at Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia on July 25-27. Serving a unique cross section of the chicken supply chain, Chicken Marketing Summit explores issues and trends in food marketing and consumer chicken consumption patterns and purchasing behavior.

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