Marcos Antonio Molina dos Santos, chairman of Marfrig Global Foods, was elected as the chairman of BRF.

BRF announced the election of the new chairman in a securities filing, which can be seen on the BRF investor relations webpage. His election, as well as the election of Sérgio Agapito Lires Rial as the company’s vice president, were approved by a majority of the shareholders present at the BRF annual shareholders meeting on March 28. The ballot including both officers was approved by 855 million favorable votes, 6.3 million negative votes, and 1.2 million abstained votes.

Molina dos Santos is also the chairman of Brazil-based Marfrig Global Foods. According to information on the Marfrig website, he has worked actively with key clients to strengthen commercial relations in national and international markets since Marfrig’s inception. He is also credit for working to improve industrial and quality processes that seek to surpass the expectations of the global industry. Molina dos Santos is the CEO of MMS Participacoes, the controlling shareholder of Marfrig.

Marfrig Global Foods owns a 33.25% stake in BRF and earlier announced its intent to get representation on the BRF board.


Marfrig and BRF confirmed that the two Brazil-based animal protein producers were considering a merger in May 2019. However, two months later, it was announced that those merger talks had ended.

It was announced on May 21 that Marfrig had purchased 196,869,573 shares of BRF, which amounts to a 24.23% stake in the company. Then, on June 3, Marfrig announced that it had increased its level of ownership of BRF, purchasing more than 61 million addition shares, giving it about a 31.66% stake in the company. Marfrig’s investment in BRF has since grown to a 33.25% stake.

With the election, Molina dos Santos will succeed Pedro Pullen Parente as the chairman. Parente had been the chairman since 2018.