The U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) cleared the acquisition of Banham Poultry (2018) Limited by Boparan Private Office.

While the acquisition was made by Boparan through Amber REI Holdings Limited, the purchase price has not been revealed. 

According to the organization’s web site, the CMA is a non-ministerial part of the United Kingdom (U.K.) government. From offices in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff, it is a competition body that works to promote competition for the benefit of consumers, both within and outside the U.K. 

In October of 2021, it was announced that Boparan Private Office had acquired Banham Poultry.

Following this announcement, the CMA firstly conducted an initial review of the transaction in November. This was followed by a merger inquiry that began in January of this year, which is now complete.

Boparan Private Office is owned by food entrepreneur Ranjit Singh Boparan. Boparan already owned the U.K.’s largest poultry company, 2 Sisters Food Group, as well as turkey company, Bernard Matthews.

Based in Attleborough in the county of Norfolk, Banham Poultry had previously undergone a series of changes and set-backs in recent years. 


About Banham Poultry

According to the firm’s own web site, Banham Poultry supplies chicken meat throughout the U.K. to major supermarkets, other established stores and wholesalers. About 55% of production is whole birds, and 45% is portions. 

The company has its own hatchery and a transport department for shipping live, chilled and frozen products. 

A vertically integrated company, Banham Poultry has sales of 650,000 chickens per week, and generates an annual turnover of around GBP100 million (US$131 million).

More on Boparan Holdings’ 2 Sisters Food Group

2 Sisters Food Group is the leading poultry meat producer in the U.K. It produces 323 million birds per year, according to the WATTPoultry Top Companies database, it is easily among the Top 10 producers in Europe.

Boparan Holdings trades as the 2 Sisters Food Group. One of the country’s largest food producers, this is also among the leading privately held companies in the U.K. It supplies around one-third of all poultry products consumed in the country, and operates a European Poultry division. 

Also part of the holding company in East Anglia are Bernard Matthews' plants in Great Witchingham and Holton, which serve 56 farms and employ around 2,000 people, as well as 2 Sisters’ factories in Greater Manchester and Thetford, Norfolk.