The highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreak of 2022 has resulted in the loss of at least 1,268,228 commercial poultry birds in Canada, but that number does not reflect the numbers of seven flocks whose sizes have not yet been released as of May 2.

According to the latest report from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the presence of HPAI has been confirmed in 44 flocks of commercial poultry in Canada, although details on flock size have only been released concerning 37 of those flocks.

Details on the following cases have since been reported by OIE since April 22:

  • A commercial flock of 21,500 broilers in Camrose County, Alberta
  • A commercial flock of 42,228 broilers in Kneehill County, Alberta 
  • A commercial flock of 161,400 broilers in Wetaskiwin County, Alberta
  • A commercial flock of 15,422 broilers in Whitemouth, Manitoba
  • A commercial flock of 29,750 ducks in Les Sources, Quebec
  • A commercial flock of 32,224 ducks in York, Ontario
  • A commercial flock of 33,871 laying hens in Camrose County, Alberta
  • A commercial flock of 24,930 head of unspecified poultry in Cardston County, Alberta

The seven affected flocks whose species and sizes have not yet been revealed are located in Carmichael, Saskatchewan; Huron County, Ontario; Markham, Ontario; Montrose, Saskatchewan; Morse, Saskatchewan; Mountain View County, Alberta; and Rocky View County, Alberta.

Types of flocks affected

With the new information from the OIE, it appears the most losses in terms of birds affected have occurred in the broiler industry, with 452,541 bird losses among eight flocks. 


There have been 9 cases in commercial duck flocks with 325,201 birds affected. There has also been a duck and geese breeder flock of 2,160 birds affected.

The egg industry has seen 6 flock losses, half of which were layer flocks and the other half layer breeders. The three layer breeder flocks have collectively had 129,520 bird losses, while the layer flocks have collectively lost 111,245 birds.

Seven turkey flocks with a total of 113,473 birds have also been struck by HPAI.

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