Here are the 10 most-read new poultry technology articles during the first half of 2022

1. 16 poultry technologies to watch in 2022 (blog)

Elizabeth Doughman: The new year is an opportunity to look forward. Advances in technology could help the poultry industry tackle challenges in worker safety and labor shortages, broiler production, processing, breeding and layer operations.

2. Hydrogen peroxide shows promise to disinfect hatcheries

University of Georgia research shows that the use of dry hydrogen peroxide could be a viable alternative to sanitizing poultry hatcheries by way of formaldehyde fogging.

3. 2 potential antibiotic alternatives for use in poultry

The search for an alternative to antibiotics to treat poultry diseases could be over. Advances in research identified several possible replacement therapies.

4. Super doses of copper in feed can benefit the poultry gut

Providing copper supplementation above the nutritional level could help optimize intestinal structure and function and balance the poultry microbiome, resulting in improvements to broiler growth performance without antibiotics.

5. Nanovaccine could prevent future avian flu outbreaks

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine have developed a mosaic nanovaccine designed to target current and future variations of avian influenza.


6. Insect proteins offer health, welfare benefits to poultry

Insect farming could be a practical, economical and sustainable approach to create an alternative high-value protein produced for use in poultry feed. 

7. Is it time to shift strategies against avian influenza?

The mass vaccination of commercial poultry against avian influenza could be the best way to prevent future outbreaks, researchers from the University of Sydney wrote in Science.

8. Study examines stunning methods and wing damage

An Auburn University study indicated that more wing damage may occur in systems that use controlled atmosphere stunning than systems that use electrical waterbath stunning.

9. Egg yolk feed additive could boost poultry immune response

Adding egg yolk to feed could help poultry naturally prevent diseases like necrotic enteritis and optimize production performance.

10. UK researchers develop potential avian flu vaccine

A new vaccine could protect chickens against future outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) at hatch.