Seaboard Foods hosted 12 educators from five different high schools to learn about the company and tour our facilities in Guymon, Okla. This one-day event helps make educators aware of career pathways and opportunities to share with their students. The company also shared how it provides value to its employees by outlining employee care and wellbeing and educational initiatives employees enjoy. Educators gained a better understanding of its operations, which they can use in their curriculums and help teach about agribusiness.

After they joined a senior leadership team for a networking breakfast, educators settled in to their first session. They learned how the company cares, engages and provides value to its employees, followed by a discussion about the company’s community enrichment model and how it delivers excellence to the communities it does business in.

Educators toured a sow farm, feed mill and processing plant learning directly from employees how pigs are raised, feed recipes are formulated and pork is safely produced.

“I had no idea that Seaboard Foods was such a large company,” said Deborah Blaser, counselor at Tyrone Public Schools “They’re so broad, from raising pigs to producing the meat in the grocery store. It was surprising!”


They wrapped up their day listening and engaging with a panel of Seaboard Foods’ employees with unique backgrounds, educations and career paths.

Heidi Nunley, a teacher and counselor at Hooker Public Schools, said, “After this experience, I will go back and tell students that there’s some great career opportunities here at Seaboard Foods. If they’re willing to work and learn, they sky is the limit with this company.”