Automation that combines an autonomous vehicle with overhead attachments could simplify labor-intensive operations such as litter raking and egg and mortality collection in poultry operations.

“The innovation addresses poultry farm challenges by providing a sustainable and adaptable solution that improves animal welfare and operational efficiency,” said Shankar B. Jagdale, CEO, PakshiMitra Poultry Technologies.

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A potential solution for automation’s struggles in poultry productioin

Robots and automation can solve many of challenges that poultry farming experiences. However, the large-scale commercialization of these products is still difficult considering the limitation of power source and space availability inside the farm. 

A single setup that features a four-wheeled autonomous vehicle powered by a multi-utility bot adapter, multiple attachments and three utility lines could help. The bot is powered by a continuous overhead supply (AC or DC), fresh water supply and waste removal lines in the proposed configuration. 


It also has the provision to mount attachments interchangeably, making it simple to carry out different laborious and power-intensive operations using a single setup. Furthermore, attachment interchangeability allows users to predefine the process based on farm requirements.

“The innovation can be implemented in all existing farms with minor layout changes, resulting in the least amount of human intervention within the farm,” Jagdale added. 

“The overhead system addresses farm challenges such as litter removal and floor egg collection, allowing birds to move freely even with the bot in place. Furthermore, it saves the workforce time and increases overall efficiency by protecting livestock from unavoidable consequences and lowering farm operating costs.”

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