Accurate and automated poultry weight predictions could improve live haul planning and streamline operations throughout the entire supply chain.

“If we don’t know what weight the birds are when they come into the plants, it’s like being in the dark,” explained Silke Schantz, procurement manager, Exceldor. “There’s a way to control what’s coming in and it’s not just human-related. It’s something that learns and just gets better every flock.”

Schantz is one of the many experts scheduled to speak at the Poultry Tech Summit, scheduled for October 30 - November 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. This one-of-a-kind in-person event facilitates the transition of innovation technologies from researchers and entrepreneurs into commercial applications for the benefit of the poultry industry. 

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Predictive models for bird weight expectations

Predicting future bird weights manually is a complex process that requires the integration of a lot of data – from feed to management styles to weather.


Innovative technologies that combine the internet of things (IoT), machine learning and algorithms can simplify the process of creating predictive models tied to bird weight expectations. 

This model can be used to plan the live haul and optimize the harvest vs. the requirements of customers at any given time.

The end-to-end digital innovation will be implemented at more than 200 commercial farms in the next few months.

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Registration is now open with early savings available.