Interferometry-based detection technology could help the poultry industry rapidly identify the presence of diseases, viruses and chemicals in both production and processing environments, improving food safety.

“We are excited about the possibilities this technology has in poultry production, animal health, food safety, and other applications.  We are looking forward to the next steps and engaging with commercial partners to deliver the product to the market,” Andre Tatar, product manager, Salvus LLC, said.

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Laser-based detection

Interferometric-based biosensors use a laser light source, a wave guide and an optical detector to detect the presence of key chemicals and pathogens pen-side or in a food production environment.


“When a laser beam is split in two parts and recombined later, they should form back into a matching beam. However, if we send one half of the split down a protected ‘reference’ channel and send the other down a receptor layered ‘sensing’ channel, then the travel path of the ‘sensing’ half will change when it is exposed to an interference in the path caused by a binding event,” explained Tatar.

“This change determines the presence of the target analyte.”

The technology is currently going through its commercial validation phase and is expected to be ready for commercial use in 2023.

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