Animal welfare is a foremost priority for Aviagen and the company ensures that everyone who comes in contact with birds is trained in handling them with care and meeting their unique needs. To widen the net of Aviagen employees who are experts in the latest developments in animal welfare and strengthen the communication between internal teams,Aviagen North America held a “Train the Trainer” event at the Aviagen Albertville Research & Testing Facility in Alabama on July 27 and 28.

Led by Aviagen and industry experts in animal welfare, genetics, export, welfare auditing and more, “Train the trainer” featured these concepts and skills: 

  • How Aviagen’s balanced approach to poultry breeding heightens bird welfare 
  • The what, how and why of welfare, including panels, hands-on labs and interactive breakout sessions 
  • Leadership and personality training 
  • What good welfare means for people who work daily with the birds, as well as teams such as marketing, export and production planning, which do not have direct regular contact
  • How welfare plays a major role in transporting chicks around the globe 

Designed as an annually recurring event on the Aviagen internal calendar, the training was hosted by the Aviagen welfare team: Kasey Guthrie, veterinary services compliance manager; Lead Auditors Katie Kirby and Jason Vrazel; and Dr. Sara Reichelt, director of Animal Welfare and Sustainability. 


“The goal for the training is twofold,” explained Dr. Reichelt. “We want to instil in participant’s in-depth welfare skills and knowledge, and, at the same time, teach them to train others. That way, they can strengthen the welfare culture at their Aviagen facilities throughout North America. Our ultimate and ongoing goal is to provide the best-possible care for our birds.”