Recently, Chinese agrochemical company Maxunitech acquired the majority share of Inner Mongolia Shijie Chemicals with self-financing from its original shareholders. 

This acquisition makes Maxunitech the controlling shareholder of Shijie Chemicals.

Located in Alashan Economic Development Zone, Inner Mongolia, Shijie Chemicals has established production lines of sulfentrazone, flumioxazin technical and some other fine chemicals and intermediates since 2018. It also has land reserves for several new projects.

Established in 2000, Maxunitech is a multinational consortium engaging in R&D, Production, Application and Sales in crop protection, aquatic ecosystem restoration, vegetation management and environment protection. Before acquiring Shijie Chemicals, Maxunitech has already owned the sulfentrazone and flumioxazin production lines at its bases. 

With the new capacity from Shijie Chemicals, Maxunitech owns the production capacity of a total 4000MT/Year Sulfentrazone technical and 3000 MT/Year of Flumioxazin technical, being the top producer for both sulfentrazone and flumioxazin in the world.


Dr. Huang Mingzhi, general manager of Maxunitech, stated that Maxunitech and its subsidiary companies have already carried out product registration and market layout in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and China with a portfolio mainly for soybeans, sugarcane, cotton, wheat, pasture and vegetation management. 

With the new capacity from Shijie Chemicals, Maxunitech can better serve its customers and meet the increasing demand of markets. Maxunitech owns three active ingredients synthesis bases and one dedicated formulation plant in three different provinces of China. With the back integration of production to the intermediates and basic raw materials, Maxunitech has a better cost position as a reliable supplier of quality products. 

Maxunitech will continue to focus on R&D, Registration, and Production, serving its customers with more and better products. With the patented process chemistry and full FTO, Pinoxaden, Prothioconazole and Saflufenacil from Maxunitech will bring a breeze to the crop protection industry.