The 27th World Egg Day was celebrated on October 14, always taking place each year on the second Friday in October. This year’s theme, ‘Eggs for a better life,' provided the opportunity to celebrate both the human and planetary health benefits of eggs.

CEO of Stonegate, Adrian Gott, believes now, more than ever, that eggs have a vital role to play in our diet: “The cost-of-living crisis is putting immense pressure on the British public’s household budgets, which understandably puts undue strain on maintaining healthy diets. World Egg Day is a reminder of the central role eggs can play in delivering vital and affordable nutrition to millions across the UK.”

Eggs are amongst the most nutritious foodstuffs available with one large egg providing 13 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A for eye health, Vitamin D for bone health and choline for brain development, along with high-quality protein. Earlier this year, Stonegate offered customers the opportunity to further enhance their diet by launching ‘Enriched’ eggs.

Gott said: “We’ve taken the nutritional benefits of eggs even further through our Enriched range. Our free-range hens enjoy a diet that is packed full of carefully selected nutrients, which they absorb and then transfer into their delicious eggs; delivering additional vitamins and minerals above and beyond what customers can already expect to receive.”


With regards to the planetary health aspect of eggs, the Stonegate CEO marks Respectful’s launch as one of the proudest moments in his 20 years in the egg farming industry.

“Eggs are already one of the most environmentally sustainable and affordable animal-source proteins available but our passion for sustainable farming and the environment means we’re always trying to go that extra step. The Respectful egg, the UK’s first carbon neutral egg, is the culmination of years of endeavor and an enormous source of pride for us all at Stonegate.”