Tyson Foods announces the company is joining the Financial Literacy for All movement, a national initiative to support embedding financial literacy into American culture. Launched in May 2021, this 10-year initiative will reach millions of youth and working adults enabling them to achieve greater financial success for themselves and their families. 

“Tyson Foods is proud to be part of this coalition with so many companies working together toward the collective action of financial literacy,” said Tim Grailer, senior director, Sustainability Operations. “We are confident that we are already meeting many of the benchmarks set by Financial Literacy for All and look forward to continue bringing opportunities for a better financial future to our workforce.” 

Tyson Foods began offering free financial literacy courses to team members in 2018 and has designed a robust program for a workforce that has a high percentage of immigrant and refugee team members. The company also offers, Investing in Tomorrow, an eight-week financial literacy course catering specifically to immigrant and refugee audiences.  

In its most recent financial literacy initiative, Tyson Foods announced an investment in Working Credit, a nonprofit organization that provides free credit counseling workshops and one-on-one credit counseling. A pilot program is underway in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, which will soon be available to the entire workforce. More than 600 Wilkesboro team members have signed up for the workshop since its September launch. 


“I’m finally able to put more money into my savings account and manage my finances and income better” said Antonio Davis Clark, a Tyson Foods team member in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn about financial literacy at work and gain valuable skills that I can take home with me and help my family.” 

“We’re excited to welcome Tyson Foods to the Financial Literacy for All movement”, said Operation HOPE CEO and Financial Literacy for All Co-Chair John Hope Bryant. “Tyson Foods represents the classic American ‘up from nothing’ success story, where one person’s dream and determination can uplift not just themselves, but tens of thousands of others and transform an industry in the process. We applaud Tyson Foods’ commitment to the financial wellbeing of all their employees, and look forward to advancing this important work across the U.S.”