New technologies that harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) could result in more accurate, automated broiler weight predictions on the farm.

 “The technology has a learning curve. With every month that passes, we see greater accuracy,” Silke Schantz, procurement manager, Exceldor, said at the 2022 Poultry Tech Summit.

IoT uses the data collected by sensors, software and other technologies to communicate with other networks. In this case, data collected at the poultry farm is fed into predictive models that use machine learning and algorithms.

In trials, the IoT solution had less than a +/- 50 g error margin seven days before the planned catching date.

Currently, many poultry operations predict future bird weighs manually. However, this is a complex process that requires the integration of a lot of data – from feed to management styles to weather.

Benefits of automated broiler weighing predictions

The ability to automate this process has several benefits.


The ability to better predict broiler weights can improve visibility when it comes to uniformity, size and total inventory of the birds. It also saves time for growers and staff because more accurate weight predictions help with live haul planning and can streamline and optimize operations throughout the entire poultry supply chain.

In addition, IoT is programmed to learn as it goes, so the results will improve over time.

“With this program, we are able to try and help our producers produce,” Shantz added. “It’s a tool to learn how to predict the weights.”

Attend the 2023 Poultry Tech Summit

The Poultry Tech Summit is the only event of its kind that connects researchers and entrepreneurs with poultry sector technology experts, financiers, venture capitalists and producers looking for new projects and investments to fund. Since its 2018 inception, this unique conference has facilitated and fast-tracked many pioneering ideas into adoption for the benefit of the poultry supply chain.

Details on the 2023 Poultry Tech Summit will be released in Spring 2023.