An artificial intelligence (AI) system from Agrimesh Technologies can analyze poultry house conditions and make real-time decisions to alter the environment, according to settings determined by the producer, to lower a house’s energy cost.

“There's a problem with how livestock are being ventilated. It is not dynamic enough,” explained Mark Maxwell, Agrimesh Technologies CEO, at the 2022 Poultry Tech Summit.

Agrimesh’s system analyzes live data collected in a house using AI, wireless controls and sensors that manage the ventilation, heating, feed, water, lighting, temperature and CO2 monitors in a house.

How it works

According to Agrimesh’s website, the sensors are attached to each piece of equipment the producer chooses and will send all the data collected to the Agrimesh emHub. The emHub then uses the local network to send the data to the AI software, which has the ability to make decisions independently, as well as to the mobile application for data review.

Instead of having to program a standard ventilation system, limits for each variable are determined by the producer and entered into the technology’s settings, which enables the AI software to learn how each piece of equipment affects the temperature or humidity in the house, explained Maxwell.

The system can operate in three modes: production mode, ECO mode and preparation mode. After producers input the temperature, humidity, arrival date and exit date of the birds, the environment is automatically balanced inside the house depending on whether there are birds present. This leads to savings in energy consumption and potentially improved animal welfare.


Additionally, the technology can evaluate the weather forecast and can react to how the outside environment will affect the house’s environment.

The system saves time and allows producers to focus on other priorities around the farm, continued Maxwell.

“Across the 250 producers that have the system installed, they have reported savings in energy, improved average daily gains, lower feed conversions and lower mortality rates.”

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