The Egg Nutrition Center of the American Egg Board has partnered with registered dietician Keith Ayoob to dispel myths surrounding eggs and cholesterol during February’s American Heart Month. Ayoob is associate clinical professor of pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and director of the nutrition clinic at the Rose F. Kennedy Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center.

"It's important that we clear up all the confusion that surrounds what people should or shouldn't eat to reduce their risk of heart disease," said Ayoob. Egg consumption does not significantly raise the ratio of “bad” LDL-cholesterol to "good" HDL-cholesterol, he said. A high LDL-to-HDL ratio can be an indicator of heart disease.

"Egg consumption does not significantly impact the LDL:HDL ratio, so enjoying an egg or two a day can fall within current cholesterol guidelines, particularly if you eat lower-cholesterol, nutrient-rich foods throughout the rest of the day, like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy," Ayoob said.